Bohemian AvantGardeners

The team

We came together as a team with a shared passion to radically change the story of how food is produced in our own neighborhood.

Individually we specialise in various fields of agriculture, waste management, economics, social dynamics, and architecture, but as a team it gives us a unique opportunity to understand the future of food production better. We believe that behind real changes stands a cooperation of many and that answers can be found through building human-scale solutions. The nature inspires us to experiment and develop spaces that make people and environment healthier.

Our common efforts extend even beyond the team activity. We are dreamers, inovators, developers, and workers, which is reflected in our everyday lives. We are dedicated to a cause of creating a better world for us and the upcoming generations, and we want you to be a part of it.

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Core members

Lucie Dudáková
Team coordinator
Jiří Bartoš
AvantFarm design & Cooperative economics & Financial analysis
Veronika Tůmová
AvantFarm design & Aquaponics design & Economics
Brett Gallagher
Cooperative system design & Economic model & Mushrooms & Core writer
Lucie Hladíková
Permaculture rooftop design & Social Embedding & Graphics
Michaela Sedláková
Circularity & Energy & Water systems & Social Embedding
Anna Pereponova
Snail production design

Honorable members

Karolína Pumprová
Plant production development
Matyáš Smutný
Insect chamber design
Jakub Med
Johana Šimčíková


The creation of The AvantGarden was exhausting and enduring process, but there were people and institutions that believed in us and kept supporting us until the finish line.

We would like express special thanks to our university Czech University of Life Sciences in Prague, namely Ing. Dana Výlupková and prof. PhDr. Michal Lošťák, Ph.D. for their project support.

Also we would like to sincerely thank experts who were willing to listen to our ideas and gave us a constructive feedback, namely to Ing. Vratislava Janovská Ph.D., MSc Vojtěch Vosecký, Mgr. Jan Richtr, Ing. Arch Vratislav Danda, RNDr. Oldřich Vacek, CSc., Lucie Sovová, Ing. Martin Kulma and Ing. Jiří Patoka.